I'm a big fan of Apple, iOS and all Apple devices and products. But this year both Apple and Android has announced a lot of cools stuff and I think it will be amazing year with new innovation. Here is a quick comparison:

Apple Android
iOS 8 Android L
OS X 10.10 YOSEMITE Android One
HealthKit Google Fit
HomeKit Android TV
Swift Android Wear
Extensions Material Design
Beta Testing with TestFligh Android apps on Chromebook
Custom keyboards Android car
Widgets Chromecast update
CloudKit Google Cloud
Metal Google Play

And many many more cool stuff. But it's really interesting to see general movement of companies.

Health and Fit

Both platforms announced theirs health system.
Apple has announce HealthKit - a framework that allows to store and query all health and fitness related activity in one place on the phone. Also there is now Health app in iOS 8. As usually Apple is concern about privacy and users has full control which apps can have access to their heal information.
Android Has announced a Google Fit. It's very similar to Apples HealKit but more aimed for Fitness activity. Also Google is more open platform and I think they will give access to wearables devices.

Connection between devices

Both Apple and Google did great work connecting your device phone, watch and computer to deliver seamless work experience.
Apple has provided Continuity. All your data on iPhone is seamlessly sync with your Mac. You can start typing email on iPhone and finish it on Mac. Event Phone calls are available on your Mac. They did really great work on connecting your iPhone and Mac.
Android did great work as well. They have connected android phone with Android Wear. I'm really excited to see how it will grow but it sounds really promising.
Both has understood that nowadays users has a lot of devices and we need to sync our live and experience between them


Apple announced HomeKit. Framework for having all our home related data in one place. Something similar to HealtKit but for you smart home devices
Android on other hand took a bit different approach. They announced Android TV. A open platform for TV. Now every TV production company could use Android TV platform to make theirs TV. I think it's a big step. This way google is taking a big part of work, of making operation system for TV and TV production companies can concentrate on making hardware. Google is trying to reach new market and I'm looking forward to see what apple will answer for this.


Apple announced CloudKit. Backed cloud server for apps. It's quite cheap and I think apple is trying to make people to jump on theirs Cloud services without thinking
Google Also did some improvement in theirs Cloud services. They improved developers tools, which is really great.


Android took big step to this market and announced Android Car. Apple also has announced CarPlay last year but I haven't see any movement in this direction


As you can see both companies are approaching similar direction. Theirs competition should drive more innovation and we will see more amazing things soon.
I was really impressed with Google I/O this year but still I'll stay with apple :)